Inventory Management Solutions ( IMS)

- Tank & tank farm monitoring systems for custody transfer or inventory monitoring purposes , single site or multi-site systems.

  • Terminal Automation and Terminal Management Systems.

  • - Overfill prevention systems.

Fluid management Solutions (FMS)

- Loading and off-loading systems.
- Custody transfer and allocation metering systems.
- Bunker metering systems.
- Multiphase and Net Oil metering systems.

Analytical Solutions (AS)

- Analytical Solutions provides the optimization of analytical measuring points in liquids with panels, container and cabinets according to the customer specific environmental, communication and service conditions.

Energy Solutions (ES)

Solutions and systems to monitor energy consumption from single point measurements to complete enterprise solutions

This includes utility energy for water, compressed air, gas, electricity and steam .

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Supply Chain Solutions , including integration into customer’s business processes

(e.g ERP integration)

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Integration of these systems into higher level control and management systems (single site or multi-site).

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- Standardized and customized Analytical monitoring panels, cabinets and container.

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Systems and services to improve the management of energy usage and usage and to realize energy saving potentials.