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Here are the services we offer


We help you commission plants while minimizing costs. Typical projects include installing and commissioning all makes of instrumentation. We provide the right expertise at the right time to meet project deliverables.


In collaboration with Endress+Hauser , we are in a good position to meet the needs of your most critical applications. We are continuously developing ourselves to provide Endress+Hauser’s range of calibration services in Ethiopia which covers on-site verification tests, accredited laboratory calibrations, ISO17025 certificates and traceability to ensure compliancy.


In cooperation with Endress+Hauser we put all of their expertise and equipment at your disposal, helping you to learn to produce more, at a higher quality, in a safe and profitable manner.


Ensure maximum process availability while optimizing OPEX. You determine the maintenance scope required, from inspection to preventative services including replacement parts or specific reaction time.

From basic engineering for plant automation through to the final Factory Acceptance Test, we help to set targets, explore options and make an informed system decision.